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Our goal is inspire and motivate your participants to commit to actionable steps toward improving their careers and their firms. Our speakers are able to speak on a wide range of subjects and will work with you prior to the session to ensure that the message is on target for your group.

For additonal information contact Georgia Cummings at info@upstreamacademy.com or 406-495-1850.



A Few Sample Topics      
Exceptional Client Service      
  • 10 Keys to Creating Raving Fans
  • Exceptional Client Service: Getting the Entire Firm on the Same Page

Business Development

  • Strategies for Turning Busy Season Into Opportunity Season
  • Creating a Firm-Wide Business Development Culture
  • The Marketing Process: Being a Consultant, Not a Vendor
  • How to Keep the Rain Coming in Future Years
  • Using Systems and Processes to Land Business

Personal Development

  • Keys to Continuous Learning
  • Using Time Wisely: Key Principles in Time Management
  • Personal Integrity: Avoiding the Pitfalls
  • Capitalizing on Personal Strengths and Talents
  • Performing Damage Control for Areas of Personal Weakness
  • Get Off Your Duff: Finish What You Start
  • Take Back Your Life! Maintaining Work/Life Balance as a Leader
  • Using a Personal Network to Enhance Your Career

Emerging Leader Development

  • Ownership: The Privileges and Responsibilities of Being a Shareholder
  • What It Means to Be a High Performing Partner
  • The Ten Worst Habits of Leaders
  • The 5 Biggest Barriers to Leadership
  • A Leader’s Responsibility in Effecting Change
  • New Partner Training: What the Best Firms Are Doing


  • Serving “A” Clients: Moving Beyond Wishful Thinking
  • Planning Your Firm’s Future: Ten Things You Should Be Doing Right Now
  • The Process and Principles for Developing Highly Profitable Specialty Services
  • The Keys to Successful Mergers and Acquisitions

Firm Management

  • Building Firm Loyalty: The Vital Keys
  • Developing a Firm of Excellence
  • Moving Your Firm Away From Complacency
  • Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Self‐Accountability
  • Firm Unity: How to Create a One Firm Concept
  • Creating and Communicating a Shared, Compelling Firm Vision
  • Improving Communication within Your Firm
  • Firm Success and Partner Goals: Making the Connection
  • Ten Proven Ideas for Building Firm Culture
  • Building a Culture of Discipline in Your Firm
  • The Partner Sabbatical: A True Win/Win/Win
  • Making Partner Meetings the Best Meetings You Attend
  • Great Processes Make Great Firms
  • Partner Compensation: A Catalyst for Firm‐Wide Change
  • Moving Away From the Book of Business Culture
  • Conducting an Effective Partner Retreat
  • Dealing Effectively with Your Firm’s Underperformers

Succession Planning

  • Transitioning Clients at Partner Retirement: Getting It Right
  • Succession Planning: Getting Your Head Out of the Sand
  • The Proper Execution of a Succession Plan
  • Passing The Torch: The Vital Keys to Succession Planning
  • Making Every Senior Partner’s Last Years a Win/Win

People Development

  • Engaging All Generations
  • Standing Apart: Quit Recruiting Like Every Other Firm on the Planet
  • Becoming the Employer of Choice in Your Market
  • Eventually You’ll Run Out of Ledge: Proactive Ways to Reduce Your Team’s Stress
  • Effective Delegation: How Leaders Help Others Grow
  • Hardworking, Loyal But Not A Star: Retaining Those Who Will Never Make Partner
  • Keeping Poor Performers: A Game Nobody Wins
  • The Strategy of Hope: A Poor Approach to Keeping Your Best People
  • Key Principles of Effective Coaching
  • World Class Training: Getting Your Firm on Track
  • Stop Conducting Perfunctory Performance Reviews
  • Conducting Meaningful 360° Evaluations