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Our Approach

As firm leaders, our facilitators understand today’s most important issues and realize how valuable a well-run retreat can be. Sam andJeremy pride themselves on their abilty to use a one or two day retreat to build a firm's unity, get to the heart of difficult problems and help implement processes that will make a positive impact on the firm.

Through a combination of conference calls with firm leaders, surveys of participants and years of experience handling even the most highly charged topics, our skilled facilitators craft a customized agenda to address the issues most vital to your firm.

Read an article by Tim Bartz that explains our retreat philosophy.

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Are you getting the most you can out of your partner retreat?

We believe that the true measure of success for a partner retreat is the positive, lasting changes that occur in the firm as a result of the retreat.

For an overview of our philosophy on partner retreats - and a good starting point if you are planning your own retreat, read the article on Effective Partner Retreats.

Jeremy Clopton, Director at Upstream Academy, has a passion for engaging all generations to move their firms forward. His real-world experience comes both as a consultant and in the audit departner of a top accounting and consulting firm and he uses this experience to effectivly connect with participants. He believes in the potential of data and technology to transform firm practices, leadership and firm culture and he is a highly engaging and energetic speaker. Jeremy's approach to better strategic planning through asking better questions works well in a partner retreat setting.

Sam Allred, Director at Upstream Academy, interacts with hundreds of CPA firms around the world every year via conferences, partner retreats, management presentations and training sessions. He speaks and writes extensively both in the U.S. and abroad. In high demand as a facilitator for CPA firm retreats, Sam energetically and creatively engages all of the partners in the discussion, using proven processes and their firm’s strengths to successfully navigate challenges the firm may face. He is viewed as one of the top strategic thinkers in the profession.

For further details regarding fees and availability, please contact:

Georgia at 406-495-1850 or georgiac@upstreamacademy.com

Jeremy at jeremyc@upstreamacademy.com

Sam at sama@upstreamacademy.com


Your Satisfaction Is Our Goal

As with everything Upstream Academy does, your satisfaction with the facilitation of your retreat is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with the value you receive, we will, at your option, either refund your money or accept the portion of those fees that reflects your level of satisfaction.