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Upcoming Presentations (Past Presentations are available for purchase below)

Sam Allred, Heath Alloway and Jeremy Clopton present 8-10 topics a year. To ensure that as many people as possible receive value from your firm’s involvement in these presentations, there is no limit to the number of individuals from the firm who can participate in each webinar. During the live presentation, participants can ask questions related to the topic and receive knowledgeable answers drawn from the presenters many years of experience consulting and interacting with hundreds of accounting firms around the world.

After each Management Presentation, registered firms automatically receive access to the recorded webinar to share with firm members. Online access makes it easy to share the presentation later on with those unable to attend the live session. Access is available for one year after the presentation.

Management Presentations start at 10:00am Mountain Time (noon Eastern Time) and last one hour. CPE credit is available for those who attend.

Stand-alone presentations are $295, two-part series are $590 and three-part series are $850.  Anyone at the firm can participate for one price.


Partner Compensation Systems and Strategies
November 12 and November 29, 2021 

Few would dispute that compensation has the potential to drive performance and significantly impact the results obtained by the firm’s partner group. Join Sam as he discusses successful approaches top firms are using to maximize the positive impact of partner compensation on firm culture, client service, business development and financial success. Learn key principles and best practices to ensure your comp system produces your desired results.


  Firms everywhere are struggling with retention. Too often they wax nostalgic about how people used to be more loyal, lamenting the fickle nature of staff and the disconnection caused by remote work. Instead let’s talk about how to proactively build a culture that makes it easy for employees to envision a long-term firm career. We’ll talk about new processes to improve engagement and retention, discuss how to mitigate capacity challenges (often firms’ most thorny issue) and end with a retention-building session designed to be shared with staff.

Improving Retention through Opportunity and Flexibility
December 10, 2021 

Employees have more options than ever before. Have you created opportunities for a flexible, varied career within your firm – and shared this vision? Don’t wait until they are out the door. Proactively create ways to keep your top people connected, engaged and committed to your firm. Let’s talk about how to create processes designed to help employees enjoy multiple exciting, engaging and flexible careers within your firm – so they don’t need to leave to find fulfillment.


Solving the Capacity Challenge
January 4, 2022 

Lack of capacity has been a worry for accounting firms since long before the Pandemic, but the last year has only exacerbated the issue, as changes to work environment, talent availability, non-work stressors, and view of the future have stretched firm members beyond capacity. Join Jeremy for a discussion of strategies to increase firm and individual capacity by analyzing and improving your firm’s approach to client service, people development, and communication, so you can get more of the right work done without burning out your best people.


Understanding the Benefits of a Career at the Firm
January 6, 2022 

The accounting profession is demanding and time-intensive, and often gets bad press as repetitive and uninteresting. But many young professionals lured away from public practice by industry or government, regret losing those things they took for granted as a professional service provider. Can you see how green the grass is at your firm? What questions should you ask yourself as you consider your career at the firm? Are you taking advantage of opportunities firm membership provides? Join Jeremy as he discusses how to maximize the benefits that come from a career at a firm.


Moving from a Gate-Keeper to Gate-Opener Culture
June 17, 2022 

Gate keepers (those who effectively guard and restrict access to firm assets and people) see themselves as stewards. Unfortunately, this attitude too often throttles growth and stifles teamwork. As a firm leader, you must instead serve as a gate opener to other firm members and the firm’s best clients. Join Sam to discuss best practices for effectively connecting people, providing resources to firm members, and opening doors to new opportunities for you, the firm and your best clients.


Emotional Intelligence
July 29, 2022 

As a well-educated, intelligent professional, clients trust you to be technically competent. But trusted advisors need to go beyond technical excellence. Success in leadership, decision making, collaboration, stress-tolerance, goal setting, conflict resolution, and client relationship building are all tied to high emotional intelligence. During this session Heath will discuss key elements of emotional intelligence and how to improve your own ability to consistently recognize and regulate emotional responses and build an awareness of those around you.


Succession Planning: Capturing Senior Partner’s Knowledge Before They Retire
August 12, 2022 

The increase in partner retirements—not to mention the number of clients who will also be retiring—has the potential to put long-established client relationships at risk. Done right, client transitions can strengthen the client’s relationship with the firm, help develop skill in younger staff and leave retiring partners secure in the knowledge their legacy will be preserved. Join us as Sam discusses how taking a “leave nothing to chance” approach to transitioning knowledge can turn a potential pitfall into a great opportunity.


Should Firms Really Eliminate the Billable Hour?
September 23, 2022 

The billable hour long been the norm for our profession and most firms still require minimums for yearly budgets, promotions and inclusion in the partner group. But how well does a billable hour standard serve your clients, your employees, your partner group or your firm as you work to become more advisory? Join Jeremy to discuss how rethinking the purpose and use of the billable hour standard can allow more value billing, leveraged services, workplan flexibility and innovation.


Making Data-Driven Firm Decisions
October 20, 2022 

Your firm has data – on clients, prospects, personnel, invoicing and a range of other issues. Do you use it effectively? Do you know how to capture the right information to create more data-driven (and better) firm decisions? Join Heath for an insightful look at how to capture, collect and analyze the right data – to enhance firm processes, improve billing, create more targeted business development and enrich your client service.



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