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LeaderSkills Lessons - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What do I receive when I order LeaderSkills lessons?

With each lesson purchased, you receive:

  • PDF of the lesson
  • PDF of the Lesson Notes for that lesson
  • Electronic copy of the PowerPoint presentation
  • WMV of the PowerPoint with embedded audio by Sam Allred

picture of what you receive

How does the program work?
LeaderSkills Institute develops high-quality lessons that help CPA firms teach non-technical, soft skills vital to the success of future firm leaders. Firms purchase the lessons they want to use, paying for each lesson only once. Your purchase gives you the right to use the lesson as many times as you wish within your firm.

What if we would like to provide binders for participants?

LeaderSkills Binder PackElectronic copies of the LeaderSkills Lesson Binder front, back, and spine are included with each lesson.  These materials can be printed in your firm (we recommend printing on 11 x 17 glossy paper) and used to create one inch binders.

Sets of ten binder fronts, spines, backs, and tabs may also be purchased from Upstream Academy at a nominal cost.

What do you mean by Instructor’s Notes and an Instructor’s Guide?

Each time you order a lesson, you’ll receive a copy of the Instructor’s Notes for that lesson.  The Instructor’s Notes document is a reduced copy of the actual lesson that participants receive, with margin notes offering tips and ideas for how to most effectively teach that particular lesson.  There will also be plenty of space left for you to make your own notes as you prepare to teach the lesson.

The Instructor’s Guide covers general topics related to effective instruction and will be especially useful to those who are less-experienced in teaching and presenting to groups.

What is included in each lesson?

Each electronic lesson includes the following elements:

  • A title page that includes a brief summary of the content of the lesson
  • One cartoon and a number of quotations appropriate to the lesson topic
  • An Upstream SnapShot™
  • Upstream Insights™
  • Discussion questions

What are Upstream SnapShots™ and Upstream Insights™?

We have found that a brief scenario, portraying individuals handling realistic situations, events, problems, etc. both before and after receiving training, is a very effective way to stimulate discussion. Each lesson contains such a scenario, which we call an Upstream SnapShot™.

Upstream Insights™ is the name we’ve given to the PowerPoint presentation that teaches the key principles that enable individuals to improve their soft skills. Each PowerPoint presentation is comprised of 16 slides. Firms receive electronic versions the PowerPoint in both non-audio format and audio format with an embedded audio narration and commentary from Sam Allred.

How much time will be required to prepare each lesson?
That, of course, will depend somewhat on the instructor’s teaching skills and experience. We’re confident that the consistent format of the lessons and the quality of each Instructor’s Guide (a reduced version of what participants receive, with wide margins and notes suggesting how to teach the lesson, stimulate discussion, etc.) will make each lesson easy to present.

Who should participate in the lessons?
That will be determined largely by the lesson topic. All you need to do is identify those individuals within your firm who would benefit from receiving the training and then arrange to teach the lesson. Remember that once you purchase a lesson, you can present it as many times as you wish.

How long will it take to teach each lesson?
All of the lessons are designed to take approximately one hour to teach. Times will vary somewhat, due mostly to the amount of discussion generated.

How much does each lesson cost?
Each lesson costs $200. Upstream Academy Network members can purchase lessons for $125 each. In determining the cost of the lessons, we made a conscious decision to set the price lower than what it would cost you to create your own training materials. Lesson CDs may be purchased for an additional cost.

Are we permitted to put our firm’s name and logo on the lesson materials?
Yes, we encourage you to do that, as long as you maintain the Upstream copyright. 

We have multiple offices. Do we need to purchase lessons for each separate office?
No. Once you purchase a lesson, you’re authorized to use it in any office and as many times as you wish.

What if I don’t like a lesson I’ve purchased?
Your satisfaction with LeaderSkills lessons is unconditionally guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with the value you receive, we will, at your option, either refund your fees or accept the portion of those fees that reflects your level of satisfaction.


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