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Career Development Series - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Program Basics

How do you recommend we use these sessions?
To get the greatest benefit from the program, participants should attend all eight one-hour sessions included with each series. Ideally the firm would invite a group of staff members to block off 1-2 hours. If you are listening to the recorded sessions, we still recommend monthly meetings to allow participants time to implement what they have learned between sessions. After listening to the session with the group, a firm representative can facilitate a discussion of the topic (using the questions provided) and ask participants to take time to implement some of what they’ve learned before the next session. Suggested "action items" are included at the end of each PowerPoint.

What is included with each series? Are there any take-aways available to help participants implement the lessons learned after each session?
When you purchase a series, you receive access to each hour-long session. We also provide both questions to generate discussion within the group and suggestions for implementation, so that participants can immediately put into practice the principles and processes they’ve learned.

Does it make sense to sign up for this program if we are already participating in other Upstream Academy programs (ELA, Management Presentations, HPF, conferences, etc.)?
Yes, the Career Development program takes many of the Upstream Academy principles and makes them accessible to staff level participants. If you already have participants in our other programs, the concepts and processes learned will form a common language and understanding that will help ensure that everyone is working toward a common vision.

Who presents the sessions?

Sam Allred and Tim Bartz Jeremy Clopton BioTim Bartz Bio Sam Allred bio Sam Allred, Director at Upstream Academy, interacts with hundreds of CPA firms around the world each year via professional conferences, partner retreats, and conference call presentations.  Sam is widely regarded as one of our profession’s top strategic thinkers.

Tim Bartz, Director at Upstream Academy, is arespected consultant and energetic speaker, Tim’s passion for meaningful change is infused and tempered by the realism born of his many years as Anderson ZurMuehlen’s visionary leader.

Jeremy Clopton, Director at Upstream Academy, has a passion for engaging all generations to move their firms forward. His real-world experience comes both as a consultant and in the audit departner of a top accounting and consulting firm and he uses this experience to provide a vision for improvement.

How do I purchase the series?
You can register online with Visa, MasterCard or check, by going to the registration page and selecting the series you'd like to purchase or by printing the registration form and sending it by

What is the cost of the series and what kind of payment do you accept?
Live series are $2,200 for all eight sessions (with discounts for UAN members and small firms). The recorded series are $1760 for eight recorded lessons. In determining the cost of the series, we made a conscious decision to set the price lower than what it would cost you to create your own training materials. We accept Visa, Mastercard and check payments.

Are there any additional costs not built into the program?
The series enrollment fee includes all materials and webinars. We reference several books during the sessions, so the firm may wish to purchase copies of these books to have these available to participants.

Are there any program discounts?
To ensure that price is not an burden for smaller firms, we offer a discount for firms under $5 million in net revenue.

Upstream Academy Network members receive an additional discount. To learn more about Upstream Academy Network membership, go to the UAN member page or contact Georgia at 406-495-1850 or georgiac@upstreamacademy.com

If we have multiple offices, do we need to purchase the series for each separate office?
No. Once you purchase a series, you’re authorized to use it in any office and as many times as you wish.


Do we need to pay for each participant who attends?
No. Once you purchase a series, any firm member can listen to the live or recorded sessions.

Who is the ideal candidate for the series?
The ideal candidate for the series is accounting firm staff below manager level, although those above this level may also find value.

Do the same people need to attend each session?
To get the greatest benefit from the program, participants should attend all eight sessions, but since the sessions are recorded, they can listen to them either with a group or individually.

Will participants still get value from the program if they are not in tax or audit departments?
The Career Development Series is designed to teach skills to future accounting firm leaders, regardless of their particular career path.

Our Guarantee

What if I purchase the program, but don’t like it or feel that it’s not what I anticipated?
As with everything Upstream Academy does, your satisfaction with the Career Development Series is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with the value you receive, we will, at your option, either refund your money or accept that portion of the fees that reflects your level of satisfaction.